Wednesday, December 3, 2008

thanks & giving:

the holiday weekend has revolved around much eating & gathering as fitting for the thanksgiving season. the girls chat in the kitchen: i spent the day awaiting orders (like carefully placing apple slices & place mats), while the professional (my mother-in-law) buzzed about the kitchen.

the whirl of dinner smell & kitchen action did more than excite the dog… see our little peeper over there on the porch bench?

he got bolder as the afternoon wore on!

meanwhile, the men congregated in front of the black friday newspaper adds and football.

here are just a few shots of the days eats & greets…

our 4 day weekend concluded with a night out to see a full fledged 80’s “rock opera” in columbia city with blythe & david. it was some mash of the band queen meets lord of the rings. hilarious. :)

oh... & here’s a parting pic of our little thanksgiving voyeur