Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sleep in:

let’s start with the bed shall we? ;) this particular bed happens to be my lucky choice for the title “dream bed.” it is, sadly a past offering of room & board. i believe it is at the top of my list of craigslist find fantasies. i adore just about everything about it, other than the fact that i can no longer buy it! such clean mid century lines. timeless!

as for bedding, my all-time favorite designs belong to dwell studio…sigh, gorgeous. :)

for windows & room dividers here is my current inspirational image. i believe i can achieve a similar effect for a fraction of the cost with these ikea panels.
the diy piece of me would also like to tackle the home made blackout shades seen below. i’m thinking this could be easily achieved by aquiring old army/navy surplus blankets and lining them with canvas, no?
or maybe something saturated like this?

(all 3 images from either apartment therapy or design sponge...)

and for under foot? i am hoping i am blessed with hard wood somewhere underneath the awful shag carpet in our hypothetical fixer upper! if true, i’m debating between either leaving them as is or indulging an impulse to paint them a glossy pale gray. in either case spenser will be there to accompany any bedroom toes. :)
to finish off the room i imagine a tweaked assortment of mid mod/traditional accents. something akin to these:

(hm… i don’t know where the first image is from- but i adore that turned stool!, wingback chair, dresser, dresser)

here are a parting few bedroom inspirational snapshots i’ve hankered after over the past few months:

spare time:

2009 is well off to it’s sputtering hiccupped start, as now the month of february is close on our heals. it has been a month of exciting newness, as januarys often are…and yet fraught with the daunting threat that the “other shoe” is about to drop. the “other shoe” in my little world has been the teetering state of my employment at the big b. oh economy…is the sky falling? oh b, have my three years meant nothing to you? ;) i think i have realized how tall the totem pole was and how low i seem to be on it. hm…

with little work load and many tedious b hours to pass i have decided publish a series of fanciful posts dedicated to our someday house and house related fancy. yes. i admit it… i have whittled away many an hour over silly musings over a house i’ve never met.. yet, oft..this is the only way i can manage keep sane in this ace bandage colored, faux oak grain cube!

{here’s my lame caveat…for now that i read over what i’ve just written i’m afraid you are left with the impression that i don’t do a stitch of work at all- and that is not the case! however, i think i have spent the past three years confirming that what i do here is not my passion…though i still need to do it. and in light of all the (mostly) downs in the job market, i am incredibly blessed to have it. for as long as i may continue to have it.}

anyway…i have been carefully curating these images over the past 2 years of intermittent web surfing & design blog discovery. when i am gray & despair of cad i open the file to brouse my “collection.” for some reason it feels a bit personal to share them …and i’m not even sure why i feel the need to post about it …but the few people who will ever see this blog know me well enough to indulge me here! it has been part of my coping process. :)

ok, so to be perfectly unclear, i’m not really sure how many copy right infringements & infractions are to be committed on these coming posts. i literally have a folder on my desktop that i stash inspiring images whenever & where ever i come across them! some of the images i actually have no way of recovering a link to offer you rightful credits where credits are surely due, but where i can i will attempt! i think i’ll try to keep my posts to groups of like and related items. so without further ado, check back for the occasional post on objects & colors, vignettes & pipe dreams culled from across the vast sea of internet design talent.
(pic above is a cute image by this tallented lady. ...and i've included it above for no related reason..haha!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

fresh start:

well, needless to say the new year has come and is well on it’s way and i have only now caught up on last year! scroll down to “run away train” for the start of december’s recap. hope you had a blessed and beautiful holiday season and a fresh start to the year ahead!

*pic is of my desk calendar for 2009, a gift from my aunt by this tallented girl. :)

octopus's garden:

here's a few snaps from our after christmas sea world outing. the last time i was there, i was on a field trip in second grade. i got lost…for a few hours… and i think there were tears involved. this trip was much more successful. :)

*darn water spot on the camera will be a reoccuring theme!mmm...squid!

in hemet:

our new year's eve took place in hemet, a quaint desert town an hour's drive north, where my cousin & her new groom will move after their march wedding. they have been quite busy fixing it up! -it is adorable, but a bit rough about the edges & in need of some elbow grease. there is beauty in its age and its perch among the desert mountain foothills.

*i snapped this little succulent in front of kim’s door step. i just love the color, the pitch fork in the back, and the haphazard pine needles poking here & there. :)
it is so fun to see a place that anticipates such happy times ahead!

lastly, i just had to include this picture! my cousin looks so sweetly oblivious in the forground and there seems to be quite the discussion happening behind her between my mother & my aunt! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

orange & palm trees:

we are now back to the fresh & blustery northwest, and as i whittle away at my desk job my heart is in the sunny southwest with the many loved ones we visited over christmas. we had such a wonderful time catching up... & at times pretending we never left. here are a few vignettes of taken at my parents little hillside holiday bungalow...

(somehow i really like how this picture of my mother's snow cake turned out so artsy blurry…)
christmas morning began in the we hours of the morning when i wake up and start the excruciating :) process of waiting for my hubby to reach an acceptable level of wakefulness to venture in the living room & greet the tree!
the days at home flew by as a succession of mostly scheduled get togethers over meals. my parents are quite avid early morning risers and as a consequence always on the hunt for the best san diego breakfast. for several years now the blue ribbon has gone to the hash house a-go-go. it has never disappointed. we ate left overs for three days!

. . .
here are a few other san diego memories i pocketed over the past couple weeks:
avocadoes from the gibb's home grove in valley center. we had a lovely visit & delved into the relevance of the entropic principle over eggs, biscuits and honey.
the star of india
we ate dinner at the top of this hotel after chad asked me to marry him at christmas time 2003.
a san diego institution.
dusk, del mar
tile roofs, cypress trees & agaves