Monday, August 25, 2008

a heart breaker:

residential eyesore to every other person, but to me…it was too good to be true. this house sold today, so it was not in the lord's plans for us… somehow it still hurts… and i mourn an opportunity lost… and try to console myself with the sovereignty of his providence.

i told myself i wouldn’t do this, i wouldn’t set my heart on it…somehow the more i prayed the harder it was to see anything else… my faith can be so weak. my god is so patient.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

punch list:

our real estate agent asked us to put together a list of what we are looking in our “dream house” ….suspending reality we created the following punch list (complete with realtor's reaction when she reviewed our list):

* pre 1940’s craftsman (her face scrunched up...this will be hard with your budget!)
* structurally sound ( your not willing to deal with major structural issues? aren't you an architect?!)
* cosmetic fixer!! (now this is a given)
* walk-able safe neighborhood. (do you consider white center walkable?)
* wood siding (...don't like that vinyl huh?)
* forced air heat
* gas stove
* electrical panel?
-200 amps
-tom says new one is about $800 you install
* 2+ bed rooms- 1 good size (i think we can do this)
* 1+ garage or covered carport (this will be hard)
* Daylight Basement (so we are looking for a 16 ...and don't hold your breath for a 17 -those are real estate terms referring to a house with basement (16) and a 1.5 story house with basement (17))
-high ceiling clearance
-Exterior accessed
-Lots of Daylight!
-plumbed for bathroom &/or kitchen (you'll want this or it'll cost you 15k to put it in)
* shared laundry space
* luxe & jacs space/ studio space (what's that?)
* front porch
* garden space
* dog/kid/yard space
* built-in cabinetry (aww)
* fire place
* arched door ways (aww)
* hardwood floors
* Large Kitchen
* Large Master Bedroom
* ground level access? -chad is worried about lauren's proclivity for acquiring heavy furniture.
* Entertainment conducive Living Room

i'm thinkin our first house and dream house might just be two separate things...

the cheese has moved:

ever since i my freshman year in college my mother has used this term when referring to any major life change.

last saturday evening chad & i were taking a much needed afternoon nap when i awoke to hear someone at our door. bleary eyed, we went to the door to greet our new landlord and his wife. polite & smiling he proceeded to tell us that he is raising our rent 15% (!!!) and…the kicker… we will be asked to sign a year-long lease as of september 1st!! the following smear of “we know you’ll understand…” and “….with the rising demand for rental units….” was all a blur. he complimented us as “very clean” and left smiling and nodding/bowing. as i watched his head disappear down the stairs i slumped to a sit on the door step, my eyes tearing up. we cant sign a one year lease!…. the cheese has moved. we need to be out in 3 weeks.

suddenly, our musings of “we’re tracking the real estate market” have shifted into “we are in the real estate market.” after crunching numbers of the past three days we finally met with a loan officer & real estate agent last night. game on.