Thursday, August 7, 2008

punch list:

our real estate agent asked us to put together a list of what we are looking in our “dream house” ….suspending reality we created the following punch list (complete with realtor's reaction when she reviewed our list):

* pre 1940’s craftsman (her face scrunched up...this will be hard with your budget!)
* structurally sound ( your not willing to deal with major structural issues? aren't you an architect?!)
* cosmetic fixer!! (now this is a given)
* walk-able safe neighborhood. (do you consider white center walkable?)
* wood siding (...don't like that vinyl huh?)
* forced air heat
* gas stove
* electrical panel?
-200 amps
-tom says new one is about $800 you install
* 2+ bed rooms- 1 good size (i think we can do this)
* 1+ garage or covered carport (this will be hard)
* Daylight Basement (so we are looking for a 16 ...and don't hold your breath for a 17 -those are real estate terms referring to a house with basement (16) and a 1.5 story house with basement (17))
-high ceiling clearance
-Exterior accessed
-Lots of Daylight!
-plumbed for bathroom &/or kitchen (you'll want this or it'll cost you 15k to put it in)
* shared laundry space
* luxe & jacs space/ studio space (what's that?)
* front porch
* garden space
* dog/kid/yard space
* built-in cabinetry (aww)
* fire place
* arched door ways (aww)
* hardwood floors
* Large Kitchen
* Large Master Bedroom
* ground level access? -chad is worried about lauren's proclivity for acquiring heavy furniture.
* Entertainment conducive Living Room

i'm thinkin our first house and dream house might just be two separate things...

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