Thursday, November 13, 2008

business trip:

in the wee hours of last thursday morning i flew to baltimore for a recruiting event at the national swe conference! … in thinking about this post i must share this thought: i never thought i’d find myself at an engineering conference of my own accord, and even less, as an engineering recruiter at that!.... i felt as though i was the lone secret righty in a sea of left-brainers. infront of an interview panel, they seem to be in many ways just as predictable as us rightys; flushed, wringing their hands and offering the occasional nervous giggle. :) i don’t consider myself a particularly intimidating person, and in all reality i was the intimidated one- you should have seen these resumes! yikes! it got me thinking…hmm. what have i been doing?!

the evenings were occupied by a couple pleasant dinner outings with my hiring manager, fay, and one adventurous trip up the eastern coast to Philadelphia to visit the headquarters (!) of my favorite store. after a 2 hour drive and 45 excruciating minutes looking for an inner city parking spot i arrived! once parked, i managed to get lost on foot to a near hopeless degree (dang useless iphone gps!) before arriving at their door half an hour before closing time. here are a few shots:

in baltimore i also managed to squeeze in a few minutes at an architectural salvage place i found through this site. the store was an early 1900’s brick gas line pump house & incredible. (sorry for the few blurries!)

the trip concluded sunday morning with a trip out to frederrickson md to visit dear friends, mike & stacia & their littles. (incidentally, it was a hours long drive! i didn’t know you could drive an hour & still be in maryland! –that just tells you how skewed my east coast sensibilities are!) it was a deep blessing to be in their midst, sit in the pew at their church & chat over breakfast. god is good. :)


Anonymous said...

Your outings sound like fun, Lauren! Way to make the best of a business trip; I'm inspired.

John said...
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John said...

Are you related to my wife? She too would skip going to all of the historical sites within 100 miles of Baltimore to go shopping. I hope you saw Independence Hall while driving around Philly.
--Uncle John