Sunday, May 3, 2009

barn find:

a twenty minute drive due east of escondido will bring you to the sleepy, sun-baked community of valley center; home to orange groves, craggy avocado hillsides, and the once monthly “matilda mouse.” held in a peely old barn, this vintage assemblage is meticulously curated and filled to the brim with any & all sorts of vintage ephemera & by-gone objects of long ago. it is enough to affront the constitution of even the most staunchly committed, allowance abiding wife!
while there on my last visit i came upon a small tin bucket of the most adorable plaster letters. i am quite smitten with them! 5 letters for a dollar –oh, i should have bought them all!

also scored? this large english jar.

and this tiny cast iron bathtub. perhaps it will become a soap dish or business card holder…or? i don’t know, but it needed to come home with me.

* hubby was momentarily alarmed when i told him i bought a bathtub! :)

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