Saturday, February 27, 2010

hello again:

catch up

hi there! ..(sheepish wave)

it’s me!.. back (toe in the water) after a long ..long hiatus! so long in fact that i’ve considered changing the color of my blog or the format ..or just something to signify this turn of leaf! i think i’ve now managed to purge my blog of all readers other than my parents (hi mom!) ..but shucks, here goes..

so.. it happened.. and i saw it coming.. i knew the day would come where after one (or maybe 14?) too many life events happening in an all too short span of time, i would despair of my relatively consistent blogging habits and fall off the grid.. :(

so, sorry about that! ..but where to start?! can i start by asking for a little slack? just a little.. we’ve had a pretty full plate:

we paid off all our debt! gone. -yay!

we bought, yes bought, a house!! our own. -ack!

we found out we are pregnant!!! (huge grin!.. tear of joy!) -hooray!!

it’s a girl! ..aww… :) (warm fuzzies!)

so yea.. i’ve missed a lot, a lot. but here’s to new beginnings! and i’m blessed to share a few little glimpses with you. scroll down over the next few entries- i’ll be putting out a few little back posts, smatterings from the end of 2009 & the start of 2010, to satisfy my own need to finally publish a small chunk of my huge picture back log. we'll go from there. it's nice to be back. :)


John Lofgren said...

Hello sweetheart! I still check your blog. I'm glad to see you're posting again. Love your pictures. I see that you have the nursery set up. I miss seeing you. --Uncle John

lola said...

hi there u. john! thanks for checkin in on me! :) the nursery is still in limbo (that's a pic of the crib in the hallway!), but the house is comin along little by little! will you be in town for a. debbie's birthday? i'll be there!!

Sarah Seitz said...

I'm still here!!

lola said...

Aw!! Thanks Sarah!! My blog is honored to have such a tallented visitor! ;)

Mind if I put a link to your blog on mine?

Mrs. Rachel Winter said...

oh yay, so glad you are writing more now! i think since i've known you had a blog it's been the same post, but that hasn't kept me from checking. looking forward to keeping up better with all of your news!

Sarah said...

I can't help it, I just LOVE you!! I miss you and think of you often. I can't wait to meet the bean. I am horribly sad I can't come to your tea party/Baby shower. And I am so blessed to have you in my life. There- those are the things I am thinking about this second! I miss you friend. I am so glad you are getting all of these wonderful gifts in your life. You and Chad deserve all this happiness.

lola said...

rachel: thanks for checking in on me rachel!! hope to see your sweet face and do a bit of catching up when i am in town next week! :)

sarah: dear east coast friend!! you are so missed! i love seeing little glimpses of your life out there in MD on FB.. just wish it was not so far away! not to worry, you will be dearly missed at the shower but i understand that the travel distance has made it difficult to attend. ;)

chad and i are humbled by the love and grace we have been shown as we anticipate this great transition of life!