Thursday, June 26, 2008

for starters:

i have so enjoyed reading the blogs of dear friends that, after much thought, i caved and started this. :)

i am vastly intimidated: i rarely have a moment of cleaver wit or profound wisdom to share, (…that i can easily verbalize), and no little one on the way, so why start a blog? and is there any graceful way to start such things? well, perhaps as just a small way to 1) share our seattle-selves with our san diego family and 2) to post a thought or pic to beloved friends and family both here & there on the comings & goings of Lloyds. this will undoubtedly be a picture heavy blog, but i am a picture reliant person, so i feel that fits.

orchard house” is the name my grandmother gave her childhood home. whenever she speaks of it, her eyes sparkle with visions of lilac, cherry trees, hen houses, and the wide eaves of a old craftsman porch. so while i don’t assume to do justice to the namesake, i will use the happy thought to title this little “space” and watch it house the thoughts and images that meander through my head on idle Tuesdays … or any other day! :)

( random thought: hm, think I like the varied text heights...)

i will resist the urge to give a synopsis of my life to date, because I am quickly overwhelmed….where i grew up and when we married or how we ended up in this beautiful city on a tree lined street in an attic… y’all know about that, it was grace… just unwarranted evidence of His incredible grace.

(chad & i trapsing through belgium: we were just watching rick steves last night and reminiscing over this trip!)

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