Monday, July 21, 2008

summer night:

friday night we all met up at buca de bepo’s for dinner. what a treat to have so many of our favorite people gathered around one table! we ogled over baby eli and passed him around the table. we then took a head count, kudos to the trail blazing “phase one” friends (jess & brendan, beth & dan) and took attendance of the confirmed “phase two” friends (everyone else). it seemed like a momentous moment, the next time all these friends gather, so much will have changed… it is so strange & incredible to see your friends become parents to these tiny little people.

david, blythe, brenna, david (holding eli) & daniel

kristen w/ eli & beth

chad's turn

the group

this pic in front of buca took several tries…and we still didn’t fit everyone…but we gave it a good go.
after dinner we all headed to the knights for a couple rounds of the phrase-picture-phrase game. we look hard at work , and we were (example: how does one draw a picture of the word “anaerobic”?!), but it’s worth the laugh in the end every time! we were zonked by midnight. (don’t tell the phase oners!)

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