Monday, July 14, 2008

techno inundation:

after months of anticipation, 3 attempts & finally after 2 1/2 hours in line, we are now the proud owners of a pair of these:

so, what does it do? -everything, except walk your dog & floss our teeth. i must admit -i had the brief thought that perhaps, at 25, i am too old to learn to use such a radical device, but with chad at the helm, we took the plunge.

the best part about the whole iphone quest was surprisingly had in snaking line drawn out in front of the u village apple store. the saga went as follows…

we quickly made friends with our fellow line suffering neighbors (all techies of the highest admitted pedigree, and most of them microsoft workers complaining that they could not get a corporate discount).

our new line friends! ...all on their "old" iphones...

together we bonded over our excitement and the rollercoaster of emotion that spread over the crowd whenever a (vindictively taunting?) fedex delivery man or truck came within proximity of the storefront doors.

see, when we walked up, it was decided, we would be getting black 8 gigs. (period) ….but after hearing the arguments of the many other (saps) busily justifying their purchase of this ridiculously expensive phone we weakened… maybe we need the 16 gig? (my thought’s personally went as follows: “i don’t need a 16 gig. ..what chad’s getting one?! i must have one too!”

…the software engineer in front of us lectures us on the virtues and of the greater storage capacity. ...the programmer behind us sings the virtues of the applications and the superior interface, he is getting the black 16 and one for his wife. The guy behind him says the same! (the pressure is mounting!)

(lauren can’t stand it & ditches the line to brouse the sale rack at j crew then returns for the free jamba juice being handed out to the suckers in line) …chad looks at me with a look that says….”i see myself with t black 16 gig…i’ve caved!”

(1 hour later) …. the rumor circulates -they have sold out of the 16 gig black! … gasp! –but we wanted, no, now we need the 16 gig black!

(over the next hour)… l & c commiserate with new found line friends. together we justify need for 16 gig phones and discuss why white will be just as good as black. white is apple’s iconic color, they will all get cases anyway…yes -now we all want 16 gig white. …(ah the mob mentality…)

*side note: how is it that they can get a million people (this weekend alone) to stand in lines that are hours & hours long to buy a phone they have never personally laid eyes on and in a color they didn't even want in the first place?

(finally, after another half hour) ….we are second to the front of the line! we can feel the air conditioning through the glass doors! –an apple employee steps out & whispers something to another employee at the door… (the suspense is killing us!) …could it be true?! –a delivery truck just arrived with black 16 gigs!! (*crowd cheers!) chad & new line friends abandon thought’s of “girly” white iphone. ;)

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Chad's Mom said...

You DID NOT! You 2 R 2 Funny! Was it worth the wait? Enjoy them. Did you end up with the white or did the FedX guy have a delivery of black? InquiryMindsWantToKnow....