Friday, September 12, 2008

attic chapter:

closed. …sigh. after 4 years we no longer call tree-lined, 17th avenue “home”. three saturdays ago our merciful friends sacrificed backs and quadriceps to move our heavy belongings down the three flights of rickety stairs to the three pods parked in the driveway. bundled up one by one our furniture marched down stairs to the tune of a series of grunts and strains. tragically, i was so wrapped up in “directing” the move that I neglected to get any great action moving pictures!! rats! all i have are a few mid packing photos here:

do other people manage to packup their house in a more graceful manor? i ask you: how?
i was, however, very prepared for the cubes!
in planning for the main event i had high hopes that upon closing the doors they would somewhat closely resemble this:

a sketchup model consisting of properly dimensioned renderings of every piece of furniture we own!(note the rug!)

detail of box 2: kitchen island, l’s desk, night stand, billy bookcase….

alas became more of a general directive rather than an easy to follow step by step formula. i think this potential case of over-the-top ness was the direct result of some residual arch schooling angst.

also photo worthy, the parting of a few treasured, though dilapidated, architectural models…sigh… i think it was only healthy that they go.

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