Friday, September 12, 2008

bigger than a bread box:

when i was little and would get in the middle of a guessing game, i would always start with this question, “is it bigger than a bread box?” …funny, i don’t think i even knew what a bread box was, or how big it was. all that to say, this weekend started off with a surprise!! a trip to tahoe!

once there we “found” my parents!!-surprise #2! together it was quite a full birthday weekend! food for the soul. :) here is a smattering of the our busy weekend which included, lots of food, sight seeing, rafting the truckee (an old time fam tradition) and, of course, uno:

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Hobbit Wife said...

yipee!!! we found you!!! we knew you guys had to be out there somewhere in the blogmosphere!
in case you guys have a sudden desire to create a nice, healthy, insanely long commute for your each and every journey to and from work, tim and i have just the remedy:
the lil' house across the street from us is still on the market...