Thursday, October 16, 2008

100 things:

no pictures today. i started this list a while ago and finally came about to finishing it. some of the things are sadly out of date, though most will remain true for a very long time to come. :) thought it was a neat idea...

my name is lauren.
my parents named me after lauren becall.
i don’t know why, but her pictures are glamorous.
i am half japanese & half caucasian, all sorts.
people always ask me about that.
sometimes i don’t feel like i belong to either ethnicity.
i have really green eyes.
but they disappear when I laugh or smile big.
i always tear up when I laugh.
i never grew very tall, i round up to 5’-1”.
sadly i am terrible at wearing heals.
i fit just under hubby’s chin.
he likes that.
i married my high school sweetheart.
we are still in love.
he is amazing.
he likes chocolate, i like fruit, and it all works out in the end.
i didn’t know i had curly hair until i was 17, i thought it was just frizzy.
at one time i was convinced i had dark brown hair.
i live in seattle. my hair is black
i rejoiced at the discovery of the flat iron.
i was born in escondido, ca.
part of me will always be there.
the smell of geraniums will always remind me of my grandmother.
i am an only child.
i am just like my dad.
he inspired me to pursue architecture.
i call my mom daily
we are very close.
i wish they didn’t live so far away.
i want to have a big family.
i love inky pens and swing jackets with large buttons.
i love the look of cursive, even illegible cursive like mine.
i have mastered architectural lettering.
i use it when i am not being lazy.
i am entirely right brained.
i work in an engineering department, how did that happen?
i am ever visual.
i won’t watch scary movies.
they become embeded in my imagination &it is not worth the trouble.
i have a short attention span.
i have a hard time finishing a project.
i love starting them.
i am constantly overwhelmed by the creativity around me.
i am an artist.
i have yet to settle on a medium.
i constantly misplace my keys, purse, cell phone & work badge.
i will keep track of my kids with one of those kid leashes attached to my person somehow.
i love oversized glass hurricanes.
i’m inspired by william morris, the smell of soap & dessert wine.
my limit is 1 drink.
cosmopolitan, heavy on the juice please.
we drank escencia on our honeymoon & it always takes me back there.
i have the most golden memories of backpacking in europe.
i will do that again.
i love vintage dishware.
i have a vast collection of jadite.
i use it every day.
i love lamps with drum shades.
i listen to bands that don’t exist yet :)
i can’t sleep with the blankets all mussed up or the closet doors open.
i have vivid dreams.
i work at a bland beige cube under fluorescent lighting
i have a count down at my desk.
i hope to start my own venture.
my favorite color is green, it has such depth.
i have an old soul.
i have never pierced my ears.
i have had 6 surgeries.
i can feel the weather change.
i like simple clothes and patterns.
i like brights and neutrals, not much in between.
but i look for shape, proportion, and texture before i consider color.
i love both brie and a sharp English cheddar.
i recently discovered a love for kalamata olives.
my voice is not recognized by any automated telephone system.
i grew up in an acapella church.
i have new appreciation for mid century aesthetic, though only in tasteful doses.
i have an eames chair on my porch.
i use it as a decadent plant stand.
james taylor speaks to something in my childhood that i will never loose.
something about sour grass, paper bark trees & drippy sand castles.
i love to travel.
i aspire to be an expert on the antiques road show.
i now live in a attic in seattle.
i love the greenness.
i love celadon pottery.
i put black pepper in everything i eat.
i don’t boast about my cooking skills.
we eat out a lot.
once i got on the wrong plane and flew to the wrong city on accident.
yes, it could happen to you too!
i have a houseplant named earl.
we have a ’72 mini, his name is paulo.
i have a name picked out for my future dog and goat, as soon as i get a yard big enough for the two.
i am blessed by a few very dear friends.
i like car trips, but i fall asleep easily on long drives.
i’m saddened by the lie of relative truth and the people it captivates.
i know we live in a fallen world.
Christ Jesus is my Lord and Savior.


Hobbit Wife said...

lauren, you are beautiful.

Piper said...

This is a cool idea. I feel like I know you better :). Thanks for looking at my blog--we really should get together sometime? Where are you guys staying?