Thursday, October 9, 2008

love again:

could it be?

after the one that got away, i was promptly assured that it was no good for us any way and that “something else will come along.” well folks, here she is:

mug from the street looking north

photogenic, no? she is in leshi & by far, more than we thought possible in our price range. could it be “the one”? she’s been on the market for over 140 days and has dropped over 140K!

livingroom (currently being used as a bedroom by the owners) -look at the cool fireplace!

her finer points:
she’s massive!! a nice large corner lot perfect for a garden, and running kids & pets . she would accommodate a m-i-l and it would be located on the side rather than underneath in a daylight basement. she is in need of some serious interior primping (my specialty!). 2 blocks from a park & an elementary school. safe, gorgeous neighborhood. :) space for a lauren studio! fireplace. high ceilings. 1900.

her not-so-fine points:
she might need a new roof in the next few years…, electric baseboard heating, no kitchen (for our part of the house), a portion of the future m-i-l kitchen has a bit of a slope to it. :(

ok, but all cons aside, i hesitate to admit i am becoming a bit smitten! when i got back to my desk i sketched up this plan from my vague memory:

however, “stop right there!” says hubby. we still need to do some number crunching! the question of the week: ...should we offer?

our prayer is that the Lord blesses us with the strength of faith we need come what may. we know He is sovereign over our lives and will direct our paths be it, house, this house, or no house. may what ever happens be a testimony to His glory and mercies.

....please keep us in your prayers!

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