Thursday, February 12, 2009

side note:

as i type, a beautiful set of these is now speeding it’s way to my seattle door. (sigh… thanks hubby!) & after 8 months of waiting, thanks sale plus $20 off online coupon!

oh! and on a similar note, though not currently within my clutches, i have discovered that a (ridiculously overpriced) lamp i fell in love with last summer has now been made available to us mere mortals!

edison lamp, anthropologie , $798 (!! & no longer available!)

candlestick lamp, pottery barn, $130.
yes, i admit to liking the proportions of the first, but is there really a $668 difference between the two? can’t shake a stick at that. oh, anthro, why the huge prices?

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Chad said...

You're welcome! I must say, it's nice being the beneficiary of my design-savvy wife. :)