Monday, February 9, 2009

cook in:

when ever we walk into a fixer upper i am immediately drawn to the kitchen. (above pic found here) what am i looking for? well, honestly i’m hoping for a large degree of hideousness! i semi cringe at the presence of hastily lain laminate countertops & paint that hopeful sellers have surface applied in an attempt to hide a misfit kitchen. wasted effort. i’m in hot pursuit of a forlorn, worn out, broken up & hopelessly dated kitchen. fortunately (?... or more likely accordingly), in our price range i have met with many such candidates and the prospect is completely thrilling to me (a na├»ve, creatively pent up architecture graduate). :) i am not easily scared off: mold?, rot? avocado colored appliances? ….dirt outline where an appliance used to be? …i’m game. here is what i aspire to…

cabinetry? well, in the very very (far) back of my mind a still small voice pipes up to remind me that new custom cabinetry is likely not in my cards. ..but with an orbital sander, paint, and elbow grease i have high hopes that a two tone effect like this (found here) is somehow attainable:
if the cabinets are beyond salvage i’ve also considered this minimalist (almost french country) & economical undersink “cabinetry” solution: (found here)
to accompany this, as well as accommodate my vintage glassware habit, wall mounted shelving something akin to these: (found here)
but possibly more inspired from this image:
and perhaps this a little of this one mixed in:
capping it off, i dream of a practical subway tile accompanied by completely impractical marble countertops (pic from here) :
and a light fixture exactly like this:

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John said...

Custom kitchen cabinets aren't totally out of your price range if you build your own. You (and Chad?)could take classes at your local community college. After two years you'll have your cabinets. One year for the basics of woodworking. One year for the cabinets. Of course, Chad needs to get his Mini finished first...

--Uncle John