Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sleep in:

let’s start with the bed shall we? ;) this particular bed happens to be my lucky choice for the title “dream bed.” it is, sadly a past offering of room & board. i believe it is at the top of my list of craigslist find fantasies. i adore just about everything about it, other than the fact that i can no longer buy it! such clean mid century lines. timeless!

as for bedding, my all-time favorite designs belong to dwell studio…sigh, gorgeous. :)

for windows & room dividers here is my current inspirational image. i believe i can achieve a similar effect for a fraction of the cost with these ikea panels.
the diy piece of me would also like to tackle the home made blackout shades seen below. i’m thinking this could be easily achieved by aquiring old army/navy surplus blankets and lining them with canvas, no?
or maybe something saturated like this?

(all 3 images from either apartment therapy or design sponge...)

and for under foot? i am hoping i am blessed with hard wood somewhere underneath the awful shag carpet in our hypothetical fixer upper! if true, i’m debating between either leaving them as is or indulging an impulse to paint them a glossy pale gray. in either case spenser will be there to accompany any bedroom toes. :)
to finish off the room i imagine a tweaked assortment of mid mod/traditional accents. something akin to these:

(hm… i don’t know where the first image is from- but i adore that turned stool!, wingback chair, dresser, dresser)

here are a parting few bedroom inspirational snapshots i’ve hankered after over the past few months:

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