Saturday, March 21, 2009

birthday chad

this love of my life is 26 today.

muse me as i type… what will he remember from today? will he remember the extra long head scratch to wake him up or the before church trip to his favorite pastry shop? will he remember his over exuberant wife singing "happy birthday!!" as he debates over whether or not his to open his eyelids? will he remember me rushing to put the last touches on wrapping his birthday present, late as usual? or the slowing of our morning routine just a touch to make it a little more special in very “it’s your birthday today!” kind of way? or… well…maybe he will remember none of that…and probably neither will i. but here is what i will remember… i will remember this incredible man; tender hearted, open armed, imaginative, generous, deep souled …protector, encourager, comforter...and i will well up.

he has so much more he will grow and do and shepherd and become. today, he is one milestone closer and it is a wonderful thought …but i will not think of that. not today. today i will freeze time and sit in awe as i think of all he is right now. ...and i will thank god for all i can wrap my little brain around in this moment about chad and what he means to me. and i will be amazed. i have been blessed by this amazing man for over 4 years of marriage …four years… blessed. I love him more now than I did 10 years ago when we fell in love.

as for now there are plans to be made, lunch in his honor after church with all of his friends, and dinner with the all of the family. and there will be more gift exchanging and hug giving and smiles to be had. and with all to be done and in whatever happens i know it will be a perfect day. a fun day, chad’s birthday.
happy birthday love!

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Chad said...

Thank you so much Sunshine! It was truly a special birthday, and I am incredibly blessed with you as my wife. I love you!

Yours always,