Monday, March 16, 2009

globe trotting:

a trip to sun soaked escondido would not be complete without a token visit to the best thrift store this side of the mississippi, amvets. i grew up going to amvets and have been there more often than i’d like to own up to. :) all through high school it was the source for a great deal on jeans & sweaters. “thrifted” was my answer to almost every “where did you get that?” inquiry. since i’ve moved to seattle, thrifting has taken on a cult following of it’s own, and good deals have become a little bit farther in between. consequently, this jewel has made it on my list of the top 5 things to do in san diego.

i am convinced that 2/3rds of every cool vintage thing i’ve ever admired has and will be passed through their doors. vintage jadite, anchor hocking dishware & retro pyrex, tattered and oh-so-cool books & paper ephemera, sewing notions and linens… all reliably unearthed at this wonderful place! so- i conclude that one thrift store is not the same as the next. if there was ever a store to inspire me to open my own vintage goods retail shop, it would be this one!

here are a few pics of the 12” mid-century cram’s globe i just picked up this weekend for no less than $6. this exact one (pictured below) is currently selling on etsy for $65! i’ve so often admired them, & this one has great color. yes, it made for an awkward carry-on on the flight home, but oh so worth it! :)

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Chad said...

Okay, okay, I admit, it is a cool globe! So where are you going to put it? I haven't seen it since it was bulging out of your suitcase. :)