Wednesday, March 11, 2009

holding pattern:

hubby asked, “you should make an entry about what we’ve been up to lately.” ….but i hesitated, i don’t have any pictures! …so, this post is mostly for the parents & dedicated few who would take the time wade through this imageless entry. :) i gave it some thought and here’s a little slice of our daily hum drum

-sleeping in too late (it’s dark so late here!) & rushing out the door in the mornings.
-trudging off to valiantly battle traffic and fend cube from email assailants with all salvageable sanity.
-thrice weekly “lunch dates” …to add a little sunshine to the late morning no matter the weather. :)
-combating colds & ducking layoff radars…whew!
-homemade veggie soup.
-counting our blessings; home, job, family & salvation. amen.
-pinching our pennies & vacation hours in prep for the 2 california weddings this march!
-getting excited about our skips down to the land of warm pavement & del taco! hooray! t-minus 3 days & counting till wedding #1!
-savoring our saturday morning visits to our favorite pastry shop.
-whittling away in front of lost season 2.
-savoring a few sweet “dink nights” here & there, out & about the city.
-scouring the web for a house… then realizing that we are still 6 months from buying… (a pattern i am in the habit of repeating each day at around 9:45 & 2)
-coping …as is evident by the last 4 blog entries. …then marking off each day on my 3 desk calendars.
-wading elbow-deep in a zillion different design blogs. :) ...a hobby of mine.
-(hence) organizing & reorganizing our increasingly cluttered, lil’ postage stamp of a room.
-struggling to adhere to a strict interpretation of what expense (likely) is and what might not be considered as part of my monthly allowance?
-awaiting an engine for paolo, our mini cooper! hooray!
-this jacket. :)
-recording music!
-working on projects till sore in the fingers & crossed in the eyes!
-treasuring friends & church amidst the last weeks of a snowy/drippy seattle winter.
-discovering a love for pellegrino and the proper pronunciation of rooibos tea.
yup, we’re just chippin away & plugging along as two happy dinks, undoubtedly blessed by grace and the Lord’s providence. ho hum, blessedness. :)

(yellow canary image by this tallented artist found here)

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Chase and Sandy said...

Bravo! I am officially updated! Love Dad