Wednesday, January 28, 2009

spare time:

2009 is well off to it’s sputtering hiccupped start, as now the month of february is close on our heals. it has been a month of exciting newness, as januarys often are…and yet fraught with the daunting threat that the “other shoe” is about to drop. the “other shoe” in my little world has been the teetering state of my employment at the big b. oh economy…is the sky falling? oh b, have my three years meant nothing to you? ;) i think i have realized how tall the totem pole was and how low i seem to be on it. hm…

with little work load and many tedious b hours to pass i have decided publish a series of fanciful posts dedicated to our someday house and house related fancy. yes. i admit it… i have whittled away many an hour over silly musings over a house i’ve never met.. yet, oft..this is the only way i can manage keep sane in this ace bandage colored, faux oak grain cube!

{here’s my lame caveat…for now that i read over what i’ve just written i’m afraid you are left with the impression that i don’t do a stitch of work at all- and that is not the case! however, i think i have spent the past three years confirming that what i do here is not my passion…though i still need to do it. and in light of all the (mostly) downs in the job market, i am incredibly blessed to have it. for as long as i may continue to have it.}

anyway…i have been carefully curating these images over the past 2 years of intermittent web surfing & design blog discovery. when i am gray & despair of cad i open the file to brouse my “collection.” for some reason it feels a bit personal to share them …and i’m not even sure why i feel the need to post about it …but the few people who will ever see this blog know me well enough to indulge me here! it has been part of my coping process. :)

ok, so to be perfectly unclear, i’m not really sure how many copy right infringements & infractions are to be committed on these coming posts. i literally have a folder on my desktop that i stash inspiring images whenever & where ever i come across them! some of the images i actually have no way of recovering a link to offer you rightful credits where credits are surely due, but where i can i will attempt! i think i’ll try to keep my posts to groups of like and related items. so without further ado, check back for the occasional post on objects & colors, vignettes & pipe dreams culled from across the vast sea of internet design talent.
(pic above is a cute image by this tallented lady. ...and i've included it above for no related reason..haha!)

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