Tuesday, January 6, 2009

getting there:

overall, the first part of december was spent much in anticipation of the last part of december & a trip "home" to california. but as many other seattleites the week before christmas 2008, just getting on that flight was a feat of it's own.

pic taken as the first powdery blanket gave us the first official snow day of the year!

snow! and over a foot of it (!!) dressed seattle in a festive thick white coat and presumptively imposed itself upon all those with air traveling aspirations.

to be closer to the airport and to our delight, we holed up at blythe & david's house in west seattle to crowd about their cozy fire, trudge about together in this seattle weather phenominon, and enjoy their company & gourmet cooking. :) here's a few shots of our snow day & coffee date!

leaving on a jet plane:

after 6 excruciating hours, 1 canceled flight & 3 checked and arduously recovered suitcases, david graciously returned to the airport to retrieve 2 wilted & unsuccessful travelers. when we walked in blythe had loveingly set a beautiful table & had a movie in cue. what a greeting & what dear friends!

we were able to make it out the next morning. :)

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