Tuesday, January 6, 2009

pre holiday:

the week before we left is as far back as my scattered memory will take me….and even then it is spotty… so, i will just hit the highlights..

passing unassumingly & photographically under the radar this year was the much anticipated greenlake “art night.” the church sanctuary was opened up and the walls adorned with the much beloved artwork of friends and acquaintances in an amongst the congregation. this became the first public viewing of my latest artistic endeavors.

what is it? well... i’m having a hard time coining a name… it is something between collage work & embroidery?... (tragically, as i just mentioned, i have no photos to prove myself! but i do have a photo shoot in the planning phase to give you a better picture (uh, any picture i guess, other than the one here, of what i’ve been spinning… please stay tuned!) ...oh, and i cannot mention this without emphasizing the huge drum roll & cymbol crash that was played in my head as i hung up my “piece” that night & then stood back to scrutinized the fruits of my labor. a more official “product announcement” will follow in the weeks ahead, i assure you. i realize i’m being vague, but i was not a business major and this process of “launching” my creative endeavor is proving to be very difficult to put into either words or photos! …sigh, ok….i’ll move on.

ah yes…other than art night, that week few by in a series of christmas gatherings & exchanges, parties & merriment. sadly, and yet again, after the gatherings had gone by i had failed to document them! (i think i feel a new years resolution coming on!) the only event to escape the photographic void was the festive rosie thomas christmas concert we attended with a happy group of greenlake goers at the seattle town hall.

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