Thursday, January 8, 2009

in hemet:

our new year's eve took place in hemet, a quaint desert town an hour's drive north, where my cousin & her new groom will move after their march wedding. they have been quite busy fixing it up! -it is adorable, but a bit rough about the edges & in need of some elbow grease. there is beauty in its age and its perch among the desert mountain foothills.

*i snapped this little succulent in front of kim’s door step. i just love the color, the pitch fork in the back, and the haphazard pine needles poking here & there. :)
it is so fun to see a place that anticipates such happy times ahead!

lastly, i just had to include this picture! my cousin looks so sweetly oblivious in the forground and there seems to be quite the discussion happening behind her between my mother & my aunt! :)

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