Tuesday, January 6, 2009

orange & palm trees:

we are now back to the fresh & blustery northwest, and as i whittle away at my desk job my heart is in the sunny southwest with the many loved ones we visited over christmas. we had such a wonderful time catching up... & at times pretending we never left. here are a few vignettes of taken at my parents little hillside holiday bungalow...

(somehow i really like how this picture of my mother's snow cake turned out so artsy blurry…)
christmas morning began in the we hours of the morning when i wake up and start the excruciating :) process of waiting for my hubby to reach an acceptable level of wakefulness to venture in the living room & greet the tree!
the days at home flew by as a succession of mostly scheduled get togethers over meals. my parents are quite avid early morning risers and as a consequence always on the hunt for the best san diego breakfast. for several years now the blue ribbon has gone to the hash house a-go-go. it has never disappointed. we ate left overs for three days!

. . .
here are a few other san diego memories i pocketed over the past couple weeks:
avocadoes from the gibb's home grove in valley center. we had a lovely visit & delved into the relevance of the entropic principle over eggs, biscuits and honey.
the star of india
we ate dinner at the top of this hotel after chad asked me to marry him at christmas time 2003.
a san diego institution.
dusk, del mar
tile roofs, cypress trees & agaves

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